Call Divert Instructions

In the event of disaster recovery, or when you need to be able to send inbound calls to your mobile phone, then you can do this by quickly adding destination numbers to ring at the same time as your handsets.  When finished you can simply remove the destination numbers from the call forwarding group.

This allows you to send calls to the destination numbers and distribute calls across a number of employees, whose mobile phones will all ring at the same time and the first to pick up the call gets it.

To add destination divert numbers to ring for inbound calls please do the following on the portal.

1 – Log into the self service customer portal and go to the SYSTEM EDITOR icon.

2 – Select the CALL GROUPS tab

3 – Select the call group that you wish to add your destination numbers into and select EDIT

4 – This page displays the group members, how long the group will ring for, and where the call should go if the call is not answered.  At the bottom select ADD USERS OR NUMBERS

5 – Type in the telephone numbers that you want to send calls to in the EXTERNAL boxes then press SAVE

6 – Close the box and go back to the main dashboard, then repeat as necessary for all of the call groups that you need to edit and when done click on SAVE CHANGES

That’s it.  In a minute or so the changes will be saved and inbound calls will then go through to your destination numbers.