IP Phones

Standard IP Phone

Storm Standard IP Phone

This IP phone is ideal for any small to medium sized business and is fully featured and extremely cost-effective.

Executive IP Phone

Storm Executive IP Phone

Designed with function in mind, this IP phone benefits from speed dials and busy lights and is perfect for the busy manager or executive.

Reception Phone

Storm Reception Phone

This Reception phone gives you 4 virtual lines and speed dials/busy lights, so is perfect for anyone handling and transferring high volumes of calls.

Grandstream 2130

Grandstream 2130 IP Phone

The GXP2130 v2 is a standard enterprise-grade IP phone that features up to 3 lines, 4 programmable soft keys, and 8 programmable BLF extension keys.

Grandstream 2140

Grandstream 2140 IP phone

A versatile Enterprise IP phone, the GXP2140 includes 4 lines, 5 programmable soft keys, and 5-way conferencing.

Grandstream 2160

Grandstream 2160 IP phone

A powerful Enterprise IP Phone, the GXP2160 has 6 lines, 5 programmable soft keys, and 5-way conferencing.

Yealink T21

Yealink T21 IP Phone

Yealink’s T21PN takes entry-level IP phones make full use of high quality materials, plus an extra large graphical LCD.

Yealink T27P

Yealink T27P IP Phone

The Yealink T27PN is a highly featured phone designed to deliver superb sound quality

Yealink T29G

Yealink T29G IP Phone

The Yealink T29GN Executive IP phone offers a high resolution TFT colour display and Optima HD technology delivering a rich visual and audio experience.