Online Customer Portal

At the heart of your VoIP Phone System is your online web portal, this allows complete telephone system management 

vivi VOIP Phone Features

Manage your phone system online, anywhere in real-time

Our simple to use online customer portal provides access to an essential range of enterprise-level products and services designed to simplify the running of your communications

The web portal is designed to give full control over both your telephone system as well as deliver a wide range of services including call statistics and full remote handset management, giving you one place to control everything to do with your communications.

    Customer Portal
    System Editor

    Here you can manage all of your telephone numbers, extensions, call groups, audio files, announcements and call routing settings

    Controlling your communications is easy using our web portal. With all of your communications controlled from one centralised portal, you can now control everything from your handsets to your telephone system from one place.

    • View/edit all telephone numbers on your system along with their destination point/call route
    • View/edit all extensions alongside their voicemail to email setting and caller ID
    • View/edit call groups, including their members and timeout settings
    • Listen to or record audio files for use as menus, announcements or holiday services
    • Create new announcements and menus or edit destination points
    • Create simple or more advanced call routing for out of hours services
    Live Billing

    View live billing information and live call statistics per extension. You can also view all historic invoices, make payments or set up a direct debit

    View live billing information and live call statistics per extension. You can also view all historic invoices, make payments or set up a direct debit

    • View monthly charges for products & services
    • View live call statistics on a per extension basis
    • View overall account usage and remaining free minutes
    • View out of bundle call minutes and charges
    • Download & keep historic invoices
    • Make card payments online
    • Set up a Direct Debit
    Call Statistics

    View all inbound and outbound call statistics as well as download and listen to recorded calls

    View all inbound and outbound call statistics to monitor advertising campaigns and manage sales staff.

    • View all inbound calls by incoming telephone number
    • Identify which marketing campaigns are successful by using advertising tracking numbers
    • Help to identify your busiest days, weeks, and months
    • Ensure you have enough staff available to answer your calls at busy times
    • View outbound calls per extension via number type – eg how many calls to local or mobile numbers.
    • Measurement of staff productivity
    • User-friendly graphs to see usage
    Quick Divert

    A quick and simple way to add an external number such as a mobile or landline number to any call group

    A quick and simple way to add an external number such as a mobile or landline number to any call group

    • Quickly divert incoming calls to any number
    • Divert to groups of numbers including mobiles
    • When you no longer need the divert cancel it with a few clicks
    Manage Call Recordings

    Manage, download and listen to all of your recorded calls

    • Download all recordings on your system
    • Search for call recordings via telephone number
    • Delete recordings as and when you need to
    • Set up auto-download to free up space


    Handset Setup

    Control all of your phones, update handset names, change handsets and remotely deploy softphones with zero configuration using our handset setup wizard.

    • Change handset name
    • Change handset type
    • Swap a handset
    • Update handset serial number
    • Deploy softphones instantly with zero configuration


    Temporary Close

    Close either a single department or your entire phone system in a hurry if needed

    Close either a single department or your entire phone system in a hurry if needed

    • Close a Department, Group or Entire Phone System
    • Perfect for Bank Holiday Closes or Christmas periods
    • Select Start and End dates and times
    • Choose where you would like calls to be sent to
    Enterprise Phonebook

    Our phonebook manager allows you to create and edit and upload phonebook entries that are then shared across all compatible handsets.

    Our phonebook manager allows you to create and edit and upload phonebook entries that are then shared across all compatible handsets.

    • Add individual entries or upload in bulk
    • Add multiple contact numbers for entries
    • Assign entries to Groups (staff, supplier etc)
    Speed Dials

    The speed dial/busy light manager allows you to set up and edit speed dials and busy lights across individual compatible handsets

    • Compatible with vivi, Grandstream and Yealink Handsets
    • Enables quick calling of other extensions or external numbers
    • Solid green lights indicate the user is free
    • Solid red lights indicate the user is on a call
    • Flashing Red indicates the user’s phone is ringing
    Voicemail Manager

    Use the voicemail manager to clear voicemail inboxes for any or all of your handsets

    • Individual and group voicemails
    • Voicemail to email
    • Delete old emails
    Change handset names

    When you have a new member of staff or a handset is redeployed to a different department then use the change handset names module to quickly and easily change the name of the handset

    Caller ID

    Manage the telephone number which is displayed when calling out. This can be set on the phone system as a whole or per extension

    • Choose from your direct dial business number extension or from company phone numbers as your outbound caller ID.
    • Manage outbound caller information for your company number or individual extensions.
    • Show Freephone numbers or National 08 numbers as your outbound caller ID.
    • Display your business caller ID on any device, be it a voip phone, softphone or vivi™ sim card.
    • Withhold your caller ID
    • There’s no additional caller ID software or program to install or costs involved
    • It’s simple to change your Caller ID. Just log into your online account manager and change your caller ID online. This change will reflect in your caller ID settings from any device.
    Activate New Services

    Add services to your phone system instantly.

    • Add Group Name Display
    • Add Dialled Number Display
    • Add Call Recording
    • Add International Calling

    Try Vivi for free

    Test out our phone system free for 30 days.  Contact us today and we can set you up with a few extensions to fully test our service and have access to our online system manager, no commitment and no card details needed.

    Vivi Cloud VOIP

    Smart, high quality cloud based phone system

    Vivi customer service

    Exceptional customer service

    Vivi simple setup

    Simple setup

    Vivi powerful controls

    Powerful call control & productivity tools

    Vivi cost savings

    Huge cost savings with unlimited calls for just £16 p/m

    Vivi analytics

    Real time analytics & system management

    Vivi keeping you connected

    Keeps your growing business connected

    Vivi support and warranty

    Expert support and lifetime warranty

    A rock-solid VoIP telephone service, backed-up with

    Vivi Care

    We’ve got your back. Free handset purchase and upgrade options, lifetime handset warranty, 24/7 customer support, 48 hour repair or replacement guarantee.

    Vivi Care

    Discover powerful VoIP features with vivi

    Unlimited Users

    Unlimited users

    Auto Attendant

    Auto-attendant menu system

    Personalised Announcements

    Personalised announcements

    Music on Hold

    Music on hold

    Live Billing

    Live billing

    Live Stats

    Live call stats

    Time-based Call Routing

    Time-based call routing

    Ring Groups

    Ring/hunt groups

    Voicemail to Email

    Voicemail to email

    System Manager

    Online system manager

    Free Support

    Free 24/7 support

    Click to Call

    Click to call

    Call Queueing

    Call stacking/queuing

    Call Forwarding

    Call forwarding

    Call Whisper

    Call whisper

    Caller ID

    Inbound caller ID

    Call Hold

    Call hold

    Call Transfer

    Call transfer

    Call Conferencing

    Call conferencing

    Call Divert

    Call divert

    Temporary Close

    Temporary close service

    Follow Me

    Follow me services

    Call Barring

    Call barring

    Remote Call Pickup

    Remote call pick-up & takeover

    Remote Call Monitoring

    Remote call monitoring


    Unified phone book

    Music on Hold with Announcements

    Custom music on hold with announcements

    Call Recording

    Call recording

    Fax to Email

    Fax to email

    Reverse Caller ID

    Reverse caller ID

    Group ID

    Group ID

    Vivi customer reviews

    What our customers say...

    “When we received the phones it took us literally minutes to install them. We immediately made a test call to test the line quality and we were amazed – the quality far exceeds our normal landline phone! We have found the customer service to be excellent and very fast to respond to customer enquiries. All in all, an exceptionally good product with great customer service. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.”

    Malcolm Dunn
    AA 1st Windscreens

    “Vivi has helped my business by allowing me to base my office anywhere in the world. I can answer calls from my customers if I’m in the office or even in the car. Having an extension on my mobile phone means I can call my office from anywhere in the world for free.”

    Sam Grunsfeld
    Flintstone Flooring

    “We have been with Vivi for a number of years now and it has been a great service. They will go the extra mile to help with any issues you have and solve them very quickly.”

    Thistle Locks and Alarms

    “Vivi is the ideal solution for our business. The system that they have put in place works perfectly for us and has been molded to support our business needs in their entirety! On the rare occasion that there is an issue, they are always on hand to help – whatever the time – and always deal with the problem in a fast and efficient manner. I would recommend vivi to anyone who is looking for a phone system as they are friendly, helpful, based in the UK and they know exactly what they are talking about! What more could you want?”

    Oliver Marfell
    Phosters FS Ltd