Wireless (wifi) phones

Wifi phones

In this article we discuss the use of wifi VoIP handsets, their benefits and how best to implement them on your network.

VoIP handsets are a flexible solution for your business communications, and offer a huge range of benefits and services


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Installing vivi® wifi VoIP phones is simple.

Installing cabled VoIP handsets is not always as simple as it might first appear.  One of the main problems when installing VoIP phones over a cabled network is that they need to share the same cable infrastructure as the rest of the network.  This leaves the data from the handsets prone to being distorted by the other elements of the network.

Please see our post on why VoIP plug and play systems often fail.

Phones that plug directly in to your network also rely on the network being set up properly, which usually means a trained engineer has set everything up with room for expansion.

Common Network Issues

  • DHCP conflicts including servers that assign DHCP

  • Hardware firewalls

  • Multiple routers all assigning DHCP

  • Poorly installed network cables

  • Managed network switches

  • Domestic routers left to handle the network traffic

  • No QOS (Quality Of Service) or data packet priority on the network


Any of these issues will eventually lead to the failure of a VoIP handset that is connected via a cable.

Here are some typical problems that you might experience under these circumstances-

  • Call drops

  • Poor call quality

  • Echo

  • Phones not ringing when they should or de-registering

  • Phones ringing when they shouldn't

  • One way conversations (the caller cannot hear you or visa versa)


In a domestic situation, like a Skype call to a relative on the other side of the world, this might be deemed acceptable, however business calls are a higher priority and should be at least as good as a landline call.

Wifi phones

To eliminate these issues, vivi® have introduced a range of wifi VoIP handsets that work directly over a wifi connection.

This means that all of you networking problems disappear, and when used in conjunction with the correct Draytek router (please ask our support team for more advice), the VoIP phones will run along a completely separate network.

The benefits of this are wide ranging, from not having to be concerned about the quality of the network infrastructure, to ease of deployment.

High quality phones

vivi® wifi handsets look and feel the same high quality as our normal handset range, the wifi antennae is hidden within the phones body, so there's no big aerial etc. On the face of it you wouldn't know this from our other handsets.

You can choose from either the standard or executive wifi phones. These work in exactly the same way as our normal range of handsets, which include all the facilities that you would normally need such as DND, transfer, hold, mute, conference etc.

Like all of our vivi® branded phones, our wifi VoIP phones carry our extended warranty, which means that they are warranted for the life of your contract, not just for 12 months.

vivi® phones also benefit from our repair or replace guarantee, which means that if we cannot repair the handset then we will normally send you a replacement within 48 hours.


About vivi®

vivi® own and operate a cloud based business VoIP network and have been delivering communications solutions since 1996.

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