vivi® Care

vivi® Care

vivi® Care is a unique service plan that ensures that your business communications are highly available, defines how we look after you if you need assistance, and lays out our customer services commitments..

vivi® Care encapsulates our customer service delivery and handset warranty to our business customers.

What’s included?

  • vivi® phones extended warranty for the duration of your contract

  • 48 hour repair or replacement guarantee

  • 24/7 Free customer support

  • Quarterly Customer service calls

How does this work?

What would you do if one of your IP handsets develops a fault?  With vivi® Care you won't have to worry.  

If we cannot repair your handset remotely then we aim to get a replacement dispatched within 24 hours.

vivi® IP Handsets

vivi® supply IP handsets that are designed and built to our high specification, with custom firmware designed to work on our network.  

vivi® IP handsets are constructed of high quality materials, are simple to use, have a wide range of features, and are built to last.

Other branded IP handsets

If you wish to use other branded IP phones such as Yealink, Grandstream, Polycom, Cisco and others on the vivi® IP network, then our engineers can program these for you.  

vivi® Care is compatible with other branded handsets and there is a £3 monthly charge for this.  Replacements for other branded IP phones will be based on our standard vivi® handset.

Extended warranty

Handsets purchased through most suppliers carry a standard warranty, however vivi® branded handsets are covered by our vivi® Care plan for the life of your contract.  

This means that if you are on a 3 year contract and one of your handsets becomes defective within this period, then you are covered by vivi® Care.  This does not affect your statutory rights.

Repair or Replace

Business continuity is very important to our customers.  vivi® offer a 2 working day repair or replacement handset warranty which is designed to minimise the amount of downtime experienced by faulty equipment.

This means that if your handset develops a fault then one of our engineers will normally attempt to repair it remotely.  If this is unsuccessful and as long as you are still in contract then we will send a replacement equivalent to the model of IP phone that is faulty.


About vivi®

vivi® own and operate a cloud based business VoIP phone network and have been delivering communications solutions since 1996.

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