7 Reasons why your business should move to VoIP in 2016

Be ahead of the BT ISDN switch off

BT have announced that they intend on migrating all customers to the IP network by 2025. The end of ISDN is something that has been rumoured for some time, and with the very fast paced evolution of the telecoms industry, combined with technology changes like the convergence of fixed-mobile networks, ISDN as becoming outdated and can no longer deliver the level of services that is needed.

Unlimited calls for just £15.00

Unlimited calls to UK Landline and Mobile for just £15.00 per month, plus a free handset too! See all of our Talk Plans here http://stormvoip.com/pricing/

Total Portability

Whether you’re moving offices, adding an office or expanding your current location, this is an ideal time to re-assess your phone system needs. A good business phone system can be the key part of your new locations success and installing a vivi® telephone system can make the move quick, cost effective and hassle-free.

Unlike traditional phone lines, our telephone numbers are hosted in the cloud, not a local BT exchange box. You can move your existing telephone number to vivi® to ensure that you don’t lose out on any incoming calls, or have the hassle of changing your main business number.  Once your number has been moved to us it can follow if you ever need to move again.

Take control of your phone system

Regular phone lines allow little, if any, room for personalisation. Most VoIP service providers – including vivi® – provide an Online System Manager for customers. We let you have total control over your phone system. This allows you to change your music-on-hold, speed dials, auto attendant and more. You can also view your Live Billing information online so you can keep an eye on your budget.

Fixed-mobile convergence

vivi® operate a fully integrated FMC network, supplying UK businesses with IP phone solutions from your office phones to mobile phones. FMC networks seamlessly blend fixed and mobile telecoms, allowing you to pass calls seamlessly between desktop and mobile phones.

vivi® mobile voip sim cards are able to make and receive calls across the fixed and mobile networks without distinguishing the difference, turning mobile phones into fully featured telephone system extensions, and offering many of the same services that you have on telephone system extensions.

Unlimited users

As your company grows, your phone system does too. Additional handsets can be added at any time, with no limits on the number of users.

Flexibility to grow

Receive your voicemails by email, answer calls on your laptop, and be available to you colleagues and customers wherever you are. Calls can be forwarded to your mobile, landline or other extension if you're out of the office. Customize your phone system to suit your company and maximise your business.