Your call may be recorded for training and monitoring purposes

“Your call may be recorded for training and monitoring purposes”

If you have call recording active on your vivi telephone system,  we would like to remind you of the guidelines on recording telephone calls.

A process must be in place whereby every customer is notified that his or her call may be recorded and what the purpose for recording is, prior to the telephone conversation taking place.

For incoming enquiries, many businesses insert a notification into the Auto Attendant system or Welcome Greeting, as this ensures that every caller is notified.

The phrase: “Your call may be recorded for training or monitoring purposes” is most commonly used, because it notifies the caller that they may be recorded and tells them for what purpose.

Equally, recipients of outbound calling must also be notified at the beginning of every conversation, to give the person the opportunity to object.

If you currently don't have this recording being played then just email us at [email protected] and we can add the recording file for you.