Display your 0800/0845/0844/0843/0870/0871 or existing number as outbound caller ID

Display your 0800/0845/0844/0843/0870/0871 or existing number as outbound caller ID


In this article we look at Outbound Caller ID, and how this can help to portray a more professional image to your customers.

What is outbound caller ID?

When you make an outbound call, your caller will see your telephone number (Caller Line ID or CLI).  

If you have a freephone (0800) or non geographic (0845/0844/0843/0870/0871) telephone number and you are using standard BT analogue or ISDN telephone lines, then you will not normally be able to set these telephone numbers as your outbound caller ID.

The problem

Most operators that supply non geographic telephone numbers only allow you to route the inbound calls to another phone, not allowing you to dial out using that number.

To get around this some people opt to simply withhold their number when calling out.  This often also applies to people who use their mobile phones or a GSM gateway to place an outbound call.

The problem with this is that many people now ignore withheld numbers as they are perceived to be nuisance calls or from automated systems or call centres.

Professional image  

“Would you answer a call from withheld or a mobile number that you don’t recognise?”

People who do not present a valid geographic or non geographic telephone number as their outbound caller ID risk lower call completion rates and subsequently losing business.

The solution

As a network operator, vivi® are able to change caller ID for outbound calls, as well as providing geographic and non geographic telephone numbers for inbound use.

We can use any telephone number on your account as your outbound caller ID, otherwise if you have a number through another provider then we will be happy to display this.  

vivi® will require proof of ownership of the telephone number in the form of a copy of a recent bill or snapshot of a customer portal that clearly shows the telephone number and customer name.

This is an important precaution to avoid the cloning or fraudulent use of other peoples telephone numbers, and without evidence of ownership, vivi® will not use telephone numbers other than those purchased through vivi® as an outbound caller ID.

Another thing to note is that vivi® can also display different outbound caller ID's for each handset (as they might be in different locations).  This feature allows you to easily use home workers or have offices in different locations, calling out from different numbers but all on the same system.

This feature also allows you to use multiple outbound caller ID's on the same handset.  You can do this by having an extension for each line of your handset (up to a maximum of 4 on a reception phone or 2 on our standard or executive phones).  Simply selecting the relevant line will allow you to make and receive calls for that number.  Customers who have multiple companies but only a small number of handsets often use this method to appear to be calling from the relevant company.


About vivi®

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