Spotlight on “Time of day call routing” feature


Time of day routing

Time of Day Routing is one of the most widely requested VoIP features that we offer. Time of Day Routing makes it easy for businesses to manage different schedules because it routes your calls depending on predetermined criteria that you choose.

Automatically open and close your system each day to correspond to your opening times. This allows your system to enable different greetings and options at different times of the day or week. This can all be managed easily through the customer portal.

The main function of Time of Day Routing is its ability to transfer and route incoming calls based on the time of day that they’re received. In the case of multiple office locations, you can set your Time of Day Routing feature to ring different offices during specific times of the day. This helps manage each office’s schedule because it allows you to control when each location receives incoming phone calls.

You can more easily manage your workload by forwarding your incoming calls to specific phones depending on what time it is. For instance, say you work in the office from 8am-5pm. During these hours, you can have all your calls delivered to your work phones. After these hours, you can set the Time of Day Routing feature to deliver your calls to your personal Mobile phone,  VoIP sim or external landline. This gives you ultimate flexibility so you’ll never miss an important work call.

4 Ways Call Routing Can Improve Your Business

With cloud routing, calls are spread evenly among the customer service department so that the chances of a customer being placed in a long queue is low; the cloud service guarantees business continuity and operates consistently 24/7 365 of the year.

It is not just the customers that call routing benefits but also, the workers. This is because employees who have a better understanding on particular subjects can receive their calls first. As a result, the customer gets their questions answered accurately.

This service is free of charge with your vivi® phone system.  So this means there is no need for any expensive additional call routing software.

Improved call prioritization: Calls can be transferred to multi location or alternatively, distributed to concentrated skill groups. This is ideal for businesses that focus on various departments.