9 Reasons why your business needs VoIP

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology that allows its users to make calls through an internet connection, instead of the standard phone system. VoIP is a significant technological advancement that can greatly enhance your business. Here's how:

9 – Take control of your phone system

Regular phone lines allow little, if any, room for personalisation. Most VoIP service providers – including vivi® – provide a Online System Manager for customers. We let you have total control over your phone system. This allows you to change your music-on-hold, speed dial, auto attendant and more. You can also view your Live Billing information online so you can keep an eye on your budget.

8 – Total portability

It's a common gripe of many businesses that they can't relocate to a new office without having to spend hours in a queue to their phone service provider in order to keep the same phone number. VoIP provides number mobility – your phones can use the same number virtually everywhere, as long as there's IP connectivity. This means that you can use your business number on your travels. Never miss a call again!

7 – Free internal calls

Don't worry about the cost of calling the receptionist from your home office hundreds of miles away. vivi®'s VoIP phone system gives you free internal calls wherever you are. In China on business? No hefty phone bill for you!

6 – Unlimited users

As your company grows, your phone system does too. In need of extra hands? Additional handsets can be added at any time, with no limits on the number of users. There won't be any nasty surprises on your next invoice either – the cost per user is a flat rate, no matter how many handsets you have.

5 – Phone takeover

vivi®'s VoIP service allows you to pick up calls made to other extensions by intercepting the call on the system, wherever you are. This saves your colleagues from misdirected phone calls and allows every call to reach exactly who it needs to.

4 – So many features

VoIP provides features designed to make your working life easier and more organized. vivi®'s phone system offers advanced system features such as ring/hunt groups, selective call forwarding, an auto attendant menu, time based routing and many more.

3 – Simple and hassle-free service

Every business has its stressful periods, and the last thing you need at those moments is for your phone system to crash. As VoIP is run through broadband internet, it's extremely steady and reliable, but it's good to have assurance that help is at hand if you need it. vivi® offers a 24/7 support centre and will sort out any problem you have quickly and efficiently. If your broadband does fail, we can either pass all calls through to another site, send the calls to voicemail or you can take your phone home and work from there. We will handle any issues you have so that you can concentrate on your business.

2 – Flexibility

Receive your voicemails by email, answer calls on your laptop, and be available to you colleagues and customers wherever you are. Calls can be forwarded to your mobile, landline or other extension if you're out of the office. Customize your phone system to suit your company and maximise your business.

1 – Save money

This is the greatest benefit of them all. The cost savings of VoIP can ease the pressure on your budget considerably. VoIP cuts the price of long distance and international phone calls. All phone calls are run down a single phone line, lowering the cost of phone system equipment, maintenance and manpower. Extra handsets can be added at a flat rate and all internal calls are free of charge, regardless of where you are. Keep track of your spending on your Online System Manager – There's no longer any need to wait for your phone bill with bated breath! vivi® offers a professional, simple and cost-effective VoIP phone system. We offer 24/7 customer support and give you a courtesy call every 3 months. All handsets are guaranteed for life.

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About vivi®

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