Draytek Vigor GSM dongle compatibility chart

In this article we look at using a GSM dongle with a sim card as a backup to your standard internet connection.

vivi® recommend the use of Draytek Vigor routers.  This is because they are extremely reliable routers that not only offer a high level of security to your network, but also make sure that the data packets (including those that carry your voice) are accurately transmitted across the network.  Draytek routers are also able to prioritise the voice traffic above the data traffic, which means that when you make a call, that call is prioritised above any other data on the network, which is very important if you are sharing one connection for both your voice and data.

We have plenty of information about the benefits of using a Draytek router on our Blog.

One of the great things about Draytek Vigor routers is that they are built to accommodate a GSM dongle for use in the event of the other internet channels failing.

This is easy to configure, and gives your business the added reassurance that you will have an internet connection, even if your standard internet fails.

In order to maintain an up to date list of the latest dongles and routers, please see the link to the Draytek website below which will take you straight to the dongle compatibility chart.


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