How Better Communication Can Help Your Business Grow

The Internet, Voice-Over IP and unified technologies are all making it possible to connect more effectively with customers, employees and partners.

vivi® VoIP phone systems are designed for a new world of communications. We have created a smart, simple and flexible system that's designed to deliver solutions that growing businesses need, without adding extra costs, complications or burdens.

We provide your staff with easy access to calling handling features, speed dials & caller ID. This allows you to streamline call handling and also means that you only require one receptionist across multiple offices. The auto attendant feature can also direct calls to the first available person with the correct skills to handle the call, or alternatively give routine information to customers in the form of a scripted message, which plays to the caller.

Remote call monitoring can be used to help better your employees' customer service abilities and can identify areas for further improvement.

Call conferencing means that you can catch up with colleagues, partners or suppliers ‘in-house’, in a reliable, secure and cost effective alternative to meeting in other locations or 3rd party conferencing services. It cuts your carbon footprint down too!

vivi® can link your office phone with your mobile, home number, or other extension meaning that your are always contactable wherever you are. Also, by providing fax to email service and voicemail to email, you will always receive those important documents or messages right away.

By allowing remote workers to join the office phone system, you have the flexibility of hiring extra staff who could work less expensively from home.

For businesses with more than one office, vivi® enables remote management from a central point, so there is no need to have an administrator at each site. Staff in one location can manage the calls for another office, allowing you to reduce or increase business effectiveness.


About vivi®

vivi® own and operate a cloud based business VoIP network and have been delivering communications solutions since 1996.

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