Speed Dials & Busy Lights

Speed Dials & Busy Lights

The speed dial/busy light manager allows you to set up and edit speed dials and busy lights across individual compatible handsets on your VoIP phone system.


  • Compatible with vivi, Grandstream and Yealink Handsets
  • Enables quick calling of other extensions or external numbers
  • Solid green lights indicates user is free
  • Solid red lights indictates user is on a call
  • Flashing Red indicates users phone is ringing

Speed Dials & Busy Lights

Providing you have compatible handsets you will be able to set up speed dials and busy lights on the phones.

Speed dials are either extensions or external phone numbers which are programmed to be called at a push of a button.

The speed dial key can also be used to view whether the users are free, on a call or if the phone is ringing - we call this busy lights.

Busy lights are great for showing the availability of the other users on the phone system and you can quickly see whether they are free to take a transferred call without having to try to connect the call first.

There are also some other cool tricks which can be done using these busy lights. If, for example you can see that another users’ phone is ringing but not being picked up you can dial the ringing extension number followed by the *and # key and answer the call, we call this remote call pickup.