What will happen if my internet fails?

How can you ensure that your business calls don't suffer if your connection to the internet fails?

As a company that specifies in phone systems for business, vivi® is well aware that your phones need to remain connected at all times. We understand how important it is not to miss any incoming calls!

To put your mind at rest, the majority of internet service providers today rarely experience power outages of any significant length. A few minutes of downtime is nothing compared to the hours that many businesses have faced without a landline when using a legacy PSTN.

If your current landline phone system was to experience connectivity issues, then you would typically be faced with a lengthy and frustrating call to your provider. Your only comfort would be an assurance that the issue has been noted, and that the problem will be dealt with within a standard time period – normally 4 hours, if you're lucky.

In contrast, vivi® has ensured that within minutes of a problem there are disaster recovery and failsafe procedure in place. If there is ever an issue with your internet service, all calls will be diverted to existing landlines, a group of mobile phones, or alternative locations such as satellite offices.  This means that inbound calls can still be answered.

Another way out is to use the failover options on a Draytek router. These include using both established primary and backup internet connections, with different ISPs that support both the VoIP phones and computers. The two connections can be plugged into your router, and will automatically switch to the backup ISP if the primary one fails.

You can also have a USB GSM internet dongle, which plugs directly into your router and automatically picks up the internet connection if the standard connections fail.

It is worth noting that these options will increase your internet connection costs. However, it's up to you to determine how important this redundancy is to your business, and how vital it is that your phone system is never interrupted.

If you have been thinking about switching your business telephone system service to a VoIP option, but are unsure because of concerns about losing phone service in the light of internet failure, don't let these put you off making the switch. By implementing just one of the two strategies above, you can ensure uninterrupted phone service for your business – and reap the considerable benefits that VoIP can offer.