How can I add an extra user to my Phone system?

Your vivi® business phone system can accommodate an unlimited amount of users.  The only limitation to this number of users or number of simultaneous calls is your internet bandwidth. Unlike other providers, we never limit your calls or users.

To add a new user / extension to your phone system, you simply need to order a new phone from us. A connection fee of just £20.00 is required to set up a new user and you just pay monthly for the aditional user on your selected Talk Plan.

The new phone will arrive pre-configured to your exact requirements, so all you are required to do once the phone is delivered to you is connect it to your existing network. The phone will be ready to use within minutes!

If you use the recommended Draytek router, then please advise our technical team of the new handset so that we can prepare the network and router correctly.