Can I add on more VOIP extensions at a later date?

Yes, our VoIP phone systems are completely scalable and grow with your business. Our phone systems are not capped with a limited number of users / VoIP Extensions, so If you need additional handsets as your business expands, then its as simple as ordering a new phone!

No additional BT Lines required

Hosted IP Phone Systems do not require a single BT line for each conversation your business needs to make. By using your internet connection, you are no longer restricted by the physical phone lines and you can add as many users  / VoIP Extensions as you need without having to worry about how many calls you can make.

Multi-site Deployment

With vivi® you only need one phone system to serve multiple sites and allow for remote / home working.  With intelligent call routing options, you can route calls to specific offices or departments and you can transfer and make calls between sites free of charge, regardless of location!

Cost Effective

When you need to add more users to either an existing office, or new location, you just need to purchase the phones. vivi® phone systems are Hosted – which means that you dont need any expansive, maintenence heavy equipment onsite – other than the phones and a recommended router. This also means that you dont have to spend thousands of pounds, or interrupt the day with an onsite installation.