How to set up your computer for remote access

Step 1: Make sure you have Google Chrome installed

You may already be using Google Chrome as your web browser, in that case you can already skip this step! If not you can download it at Download Chrome.

Step 2: Add the Remote Desktop App to Chrome

Download the Remote Desktop app which you can get from here Chrome Remote Desktop. Click "Add to Chrome" to add it to Chrome.

Step 3: Launch the Remote Desktop App

Open up a new tab and click the "Apps" button on the top left corner.

Then click the Remote Desktop App. You will need to be signed in to your google account to use the Remote Desktop.

Step 4: Call for remote Assistance

At this point click the green "Share" button to create a session.

You will be given a 12 digit access code. You may need to install some additional software at this point.

Step 5: Accept assistance

There will be a popup asking if you want to give access to us. Once we're connected, we will do our thing. Please do not try and take over and end the session at this time. We will end the session ourselves.

Step 6: You're done!