Draytek 2820 wifi

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Draytek 2820 wifi router

Price: £155.00

A refurbished Draytek 2820 wifi Router

This router can connect up to 2 broadband connections at once and use them for load balancing and also failover. The first broadband is delivered through its built in modem and the second can be from either the 3G USB port (just plug in a simple USB stick with a sim card) or through the WAN2 port which can connect to a second modem or router using a standard network cable.

The 2820 router is great for connecting to either normal internet through its build in modem but will also connect to fibre optic modems (Virgin Cable etc) through its WAN2 port, so this covers pretty much everything that you will need, and like all Vigor routers, they are highly reliable and rarely fail.

The USB port can also be used to connect a printer.


  • ADSL/ADSL2+ and Broadband Router
  • Dual-WAN ports for ADSL or cable modem or both
  • 3G (Cellular) Modem support
  • Analogue Modem Connectivity (Dial-Backup)
  • Comprehensive and Robust Firewall
  • Content Filtering (by matched keyword or data type)
  • Web Site Category Filtering (Subject to subscription)
  • Ethernet and WiFi Virtual LAN segmentation (common/distinct)
  • Configurable QoS Features (For traffic prioritisation)
  • VPN Dial-in/dial-out with VPN hardware co-processor
  • 802.11n Draft 2.0 Wireless LAN ('n' models only)
  • Gigabit Ethernet LAN Port for LAN Server connectivity
  • USB Port for Printer or 3G Modem
  • Highly configurable but easy to install and monitor
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