Caller ID

Caller ID

With vivi™ you can manage the telephone number which is displayed when dialling out


  • Choose from your direct dial business number extension or from company phone numbers as your outbound caller ID.
  • Manage outbound caller information for your company number or individual extensions.
  • Show Freephone numbers or National 08 numbers as your outbound caller ID.
  • Display your business caller ID on any device, be it a voip phone, softphone or vivi™ sim card.
  • Withhold your caller ID
  • There’s no additional caller ID software or program to install or costs involved
  • It’s simple to change your Caller ID. Just log into your online account manager and change your caller ID online. This change will reflect in your caller ID settings from any device.

What is Caller ID?

When you make an outbound call your telephone number is displayed, this allows for your clients and colleagues to recognise when you’re calling. This is also known as CLI.

You can designate which of your business telephone numbers is displayed - these can be local, freephone or national numbers.

Your caller ID can be set on your account as whole so that anyone who makes an outbound call will display the same number, or you can set it per device. This means that your staff could display their direct dial phone numbers for ease of contact.

Your caller ID will be displayed no matter which device you use, be it a voip phone, mobile softphone or vivi sim card.