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System features

Call Hunt Groups

Call or hunt groups are a way simultaneously ringing groups of handsets.

These hunt groups are usually separated into departments, such as SALES, ACCOUNTS etc.  The name of the hunt group label can be edited on the customer portal and can be displayed on a compatible vivi® handset screen when the handset is ringing using the GROUP ID feature.

How are hunt groups configured?

Hunt Group configuration is as follows-

  1. Members – people to call (extension numbers, mobile or landline numbers)

  2. Ring time – defined how long to ring the phones for

  3. Destination – If the group users in this hunt group do not pick up the inbound call then the call is sent to the DESTINATION.

(The destination is selected by the user and can be any single part of the telephone system.)

If no members are available (in the case of power or internet failure for example) then the call will go directly to the destination.  This can help with failover planning.

Hunt Group destinations typically include

  • Announcement – Play the caller a brief message prior to sending them somewhere else

  • Another Hunt Group – a different group of handsets

  • Cut in Menu – typically “All our operators are currently busy, please press 1 to leave a message for us to call you back or continue to hold”

  • Extension – another single phone

  • Voicemail – send the caller to a personalised voicemail, which can be delivered to the user via email.

Incoming call distribution

You can intelligently plan your incoming call distribution using hunt groups, allowing you to distribute calls and link groups upon groups, link multiple sites, and plan where the calls will go at every stage.

Planning your incoming call distribution will allow you to make sure that every call is answered, and make sure you never miss another customer call again.

If you would like help or advice on planning your incoming call distribution then please call vivi® Customer Services who will be happy to help.

About vivi®

vivi® own and operate a cloud based business VoIP network and have been delivering communications solutions since 1996.

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