Work From Home

With Coronavirus (Covid 19) being at the front of the headlines and on everyone’s mind at the moment, we thought we would let you know how you can easily and quickly set up your vivi telephone system to operate from home.

Working from home has never been easier

Our home working solutions mean that we can distribute your inbound and outbound calls, no matter where your workforce is situated.

This means that you can operate as normal, with little to no disruption, and continue to make and receive calls as normal.  Your staff can work from home, or work from their mobile phones. 

3 ways to set up remote / home workers

  1. Softphones – Set up remote / home workers using softphones on any internet connected laptops / PC’s, mobile phone or tablet, allowing them to both make and receive calls as normal  – How to set up a softphone
  2. Call forwarding – Simply forward inbound calls to a group of mobile phone numbers to distribute the calls across a number of mobile or landline phones – How to forward your calls
  3. Take your office phone home – just plug the handset into your home router.

Need help?

Disaster recovery is something that we have well laid plans for, and during this period our staff will also be working from home, following our own well practiced disaster recovery plan.  

During this very busy time, please help us to help as many customers as possible by raising a support ticket via our website for any requests for assistance. 

This helps us to prioritise our support work and make sure that the most urgent cases are dealt with quickly and efficiently.