Online System Editor

System Editor

Controlling your communications is easy using our web portal. With all of your communications controlled from one centralised portal, you can now control everything from your handsets to your telephone system from one place.


  • View / edit all telephone numbers on your system along with it's destination point / call route
  • View / edit all extensions alongside their voicemail to email setting and caller ID
  • View / edit call groups, including their members and timeout settings
  • Listen to or record audio files for use as menus, announcements or holiday services
  • Create new announcements and menus or edit destination points
  • Create simple or more advanced call routing for out of hours services

Use the system editor to fully manage and edit your telephone system online

Edit or change any part of your telephone system build - you can completely rebuild your system or just make small edits as you need to.

The system editor is modular and simple to use. It uses the following sections to help you manage your telephone system and allows you to make changes in real time.


This shows you the telephone numbers on your account as well as where each number terminates (sends calls to).

Clicking on the phone number allows you to do the following

  • Edit the destination (where the calls go to)
  • Change the name (for housekeeping purposes)


Extensions are the phone users. Normally each phone uses 1 extension number (starting at 200) and each extension has a nominated caller ID for outbound calls, however using the HANDSET MANAGER you can assign more than one extension to a handset, enabling you to select 1 line for 1 business and one for another.

In this section you can do the following

  • View and edit users
  • Change the user names
  • Change the voicemail to email address
  • Change the outbound caller ID presented

Call Groups

Call groups are groups of handsets (plus also external mobile or landline telephone numbers) that ring together, and if they are not answered within a specified time period then the call is sent to the specified destination.

Groups can be called directly by dialling the group extension number listed.

A CALL WHISPER can be played to the person in the group that answers the call. This is a free service and ideal if you have remote workers answering calls on mobile phones or landlines. The phone will ring and when answered, a recording is played back that only the person answering the call can hear, telling them that it’s and out of hours business call for example, so they know how to answer the phone.

To record or change the CALL WHISPER for each group simply dial 9 then the extension number of the group (ie 98601) and follow the prompts.

In this section you can add, edit or delete call groups.

Here you can edit the following

  • Change the duration in seconds (the time that the group of phones will ring for)
  • Change the destination (where to send the calls to that group if the call is not answered)
  • Change the group name

Activating the GROUP NAME DISPLAY add on under the portal means that the name that you call the group (ie SALES or Company ABC) will be displayed on the handset along with the caller ID when the phone rings - allowing you to answer the phone as that department or business.

Call groups can be linked from one to another to allow calls to be bounced from one group of phones to another if they are not answered.


Announcements are small building blocks that simply play the recorded announcement and then send the calls to the specified destination.

Announcements are used to play a recorded message in between other items on the system. For example a caller can select a menu option that then plays a message about your opening hours and then send the call to a voicemail.

Announcements are listed in this section and simply click to edit these.

  • Edit the announcement name (for housekeeping purposes)
  • Edit the recorded announcement by dialling 9 then the announcement extension number (ie 98901) and following the recorded prompts
  • Change the destination (where the calls go next)


IVR menu systems can be easily integrated into any part of your system, and can be in situations like a main menu, an out of hours menu or call cut in menu. These can offer callers options like pressing 1 for sales 2 for accounts, offering options like out of hours support, or an option to press 1 to leave a message or continue to hold.

Menus can easily be edited added or deleted in this section.

Double clicking on the menu will allow you to easily edit the following

  • Change the destination for each option
  • Change the menu name (housekeeping)
  • Change the timeout destination (where the calls go if no selection is made)


In this section you can view, edit or delete group voicemails.

To edit individual user voicemails please see the voicemail section under USERS

Group voicemails are used to collect voicemail messages when working with groups, announcements, menus and more.

In this section you can do the following

  • Edit the voicemail name (for housekeeping purposes)
  • Edit the email destination for the voicemail to be delivered to, or the user that voicemails should be forwarded to.

Advanced Time Management

When we set up your system we set up the opening and closing hours for you automatically.

The advanced time management system is designed for experienced users and will help you to automatically open and close any part of your system at the times that you specify.

With this you can set the call flow to change when it reaches the designated part of the system, like a menu or group.

  • Change the destination of calls when closed
  • Change the opening times
  • Change the opening days