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System features

Voip sim card setup and use guide

The vivi® voip sim is a revolutionary new convergence technology that seamlessly blends your mobile phone service and voip telephone system.

vivi® voip sim cards behave as extensions of your vivi® voip system, enabling services like call recording and remote call monitoring, and allowing free calls between the sim card and other extensions on the phone system.  The sim card can also call internal phone extension numbers directly.

Calls made via the sim card can also display your business telephone number as the outbound caller ID, instead of a mobile phone number.

One Bill

Why complicate life with bills from multiple suppliers?  vivi® voip sim cards appear on your monthly vivi® invoice, just like the rest of your voip phones, eliminating the need for bills from other mobile phone companies.

Getting set up

  1. Insert your new voip sim card in to any unlocked or o2 mobile phone that uses either the full sized or micro sim card slot.  

  2. Turn on your handset and wait for the network to register.  When you see Chameleon on the screen then your are ready to make and receive calls.

Here’s how it works

To make a call from the voip sim

  • Dial mobile or landline numbers as normal.

  • your outbound caller ID will display your business telephone number, or number of your choice.

  • To call another vivi® extension (FREE) just dial the extension number, ie 200 for extension 200, 8501 for your main menu, or a group number like 8601.

  • You can still dial 100 for customer services free of charge 24/7.

To call the voip sim from a vivi® phone FREE

  • Dial the group number set up for this voip sim card

  • Dial any other groups that include the voip sim cards extension number

Call the voip sim from another phone

  • Call the direct dial number allocated to the voip sim card

  • Call any group that the voip sim card extension number is in.

SMS and data

SMS and data are enabled on the voip sim card.  Data is 2G.

If you would like to disable data on the voip sim card then please call customer services by dialling 100 free of charge.


Monthly cost – £10.00 – For a limited period pricing is only £5 per month

Call Costs

  • UK landline (starting 01/02/03) – 5p per minute

  • UK mobile – 10p per minute

  • 084x – 10p per minute

  • 087x – 15p per minute

  • 080x – 5p per minute

  • SMS – 10p

  • Data (MB) – 10p

International roaming

Please note that vivi® voip sim cards are not enabled for international roaming, so you will not be able to use the voip sim out of the UK.

Premium rate

For your protection, vivi® voip sim cards are disabled from making UK premium rate calls.

More information

For more information, or to order a vivi® voip sim card, please call customer services on 03333 447445.

About vivi®

vivi® own and operate a cloud based business VoIP phone network and have been delivering communications solutions since 1996.

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