VoIP call quality

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VoIP call quality


Can you tell when someone is on a VoIP call?  What are the tell tale signs?

Some people still think that VoIP calls are low quality and break up a lot.  This is because of carriers that don’t inform their customers on best practice for installation to avoid the pitfalls, or carriers that compress calls to try and fit as many down the pipe as possible.

vivi® are a business VoIP provider, and only deliver high quality calls over our highly redundant voice network.  Business calls over VoIP should be higher quality than a BT line, and you should never be able to tell that the call was a VoIP call.

Internet Bandwidth

The quality of a call can be measured by the size of the data that the call uses.  The larger the size the better the call quality.

High quality virtual VoIP lines use 90k of upload and download speed on your internet connection.  This means that you only need 90k of available speed on your broadband connection in order to make a high quality call.

Please see the following example of data speeds for VoIP, landlines and mobile phones as a comparison.

  • 90k – VoIP (High quality)

  • 65k – ISDN

  • 32k – BT analogue line

  • 32k – GSM mobile phone

This illustrates that high quality VoIP connections are actually of higher quality than standard BT lines and ISDN, so the call quality is much higher using VoIP, not lower as some people think.  

90k is a tiny amount of data when compared to some of todays internet speeds.  Most internet connections can now handle lots of simultaneous calls, completely eliminating the need for multiple telephone lines.

Low call quality

If you experience low call quality using VoIP then this is normally to do with the following-

Please note that from our experience ‘crackly’ calls can often be a faulty or damaged curly cord.  vivi® handsets have an extended warranty and we will send a replacement curly cord free if this happens.

Please also see our document illustrating how many VoIP lines you can use on your broadband to judge how many calls or virtual VoIP lines your broadband connection should be able handle.

If you have set up your network correctly and used a Draytek router that has been programmed to optimise VoIP on your network, and you experience poor voice quality then you have probably reached the limits of your internet bandwidth (there isn’t any more space left on your internet connection to carry the call).

If this happens its time to add another broadband line to give you more bandwidth.


Using Draytek routers will enable you to do the following –

  1. Control your call quality

  2. Prioritise voice above data if using 1 broadband line for your PCs and phones (very important)

  3. Bond together 2 broadband lines for optimal internet bandwidth.

  4. Accurately control the data flow across the network

  5. Control the IP addresses on the network

Please see our article on VoIP routers which highlights the importance of using the correct router, and the implications of using a standard router with VoIP.

If you want to find out more about how VoIP can improve your business or about the reliability of VoIP then please call vivi® on 03333 447445.


About vivi®

vivi® own and operate a cloud based business VoIP phone network and have been delivering communications solutions since 1996.

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