Vivi Softphone Installation Guide

Using a softphone is a great alternative to a traditional phone on a desk, and softphones allow you to make and receive calls whilst on the move, or working from home or other remote locations.

Vivi allows the use of all softphones, however, we support Grandstream Wave and Zoiper softphones using QR code deployment.

This makes the process of programming the softphone extremely simple and in most cases takes around 1 minute to complete.

Grandstream Wave

Grandstream Wave allows users to move freely and continue to receive and make calls from your Vivi phone system.  Grandstream Wave is for mobile phone users only, but is a fantastic business class softphone, with functionality like hold, transfer, conference, busy lights and speed dials plus much more as standard. It is also free to download.

In our experience, Grandstream Wave works much better than Zoiper on iPhones.

Download links;

Google play

App Store


Zoiper is a lightweight softphone that is simple to use and setup.  Zoiper has limited functionality, but allows users to easily make or receive a call. Zoiper can be used across all devices, including desktop and mobile.

Download links;

Desktop – Download preconfigured from the portal

Google Play –

App store –

Configuring the chosen app to your Vivi Phone System

1 – Log into the customer portal and select Handset Setup

2 – Select the handset / extension that you wish to turn into a softphone.

3 – Use the PHONE TYPE dropdown menu and select SOFT PHONE, then SAVE CHANGES.

4 – Select the handset again, now that it is saved as a softphone

5 – You will now see options to download your preferred softphone.  We suggest Grandstream Wave for mobile devices as it is fully featured.

6 – Download either GRANDSTREAM WAVE VIDEO or ZOIPER free edition from your app store, install and run the app and then follow the instructions on our portal that displays a QR code.

7 – Unplug your existing handset whilst your softphone is active otherwise the two devices will fight over the inbound calls and only 1 device will ring.