How to take over a call from another phone (CALL STEAL)

In this article we show you how to remotely intercept a call that is ringing on another phone.

The Problem

A colleagues handset is ringing, and you need to take their call.

This can be particularly useful when using BLF (Busy Lamp Field or Busy Lights) on your handset, and you see that someones phone is ringing but they are not at their desk.  This can be any handset on your vivi® system, in any location.

Normally you would need to get up and run to their phone to answer it, but with our CALL STEAL feature you can do this from your handset.

The Solution

Simply dial the extension number of the handset that you would like to intercept the call from followed by *.


201* (then press SEND or the # key to complete the call)


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Last updated Thursday 5-2-2015 2.15pm