Spotlight on Call Statistics

Managing your calls more effectively is easy with access to your inbound and outbound call statistics.

Inbound call statistics are very useful for tracking how well your advertising is working for you, as well as to see how busy you are and how many calls you may be missing.

The call statistics page allows you to view incoming calls per telephone number and outbound calls per extension number. These can be broken down into days, weeks and monthly views and includes total calls and unanswered calls.

The information is displayed as line graphs to enable quick and simple understanding of the data.


  • Help to identify your busiest days, weeks,  and month.

  • View all inbound calls by incoming telephone number

  • Identify which marketing campaigns are successful by using advertising tracking numbers

  • Ensure you have enough staff available to answer your calls at busy times

  • Measurement of staff productivity

  • View number of outbound calls made per extension on a daily or weekly basis

  • View average outbound call duration per extension

  • View outbound calls per extension via number type – eg how many calls to local or mobile numbers.

Read the full information on Call Statistics here