Want to know which telephone number a customer called you on?  DIALLED NUMBER DISPLAY, also known as REVERSE CALLER ID, which allows you to see which telephone number a caller dialled.

This feature is particularly useful for people who operate several businesses using multiple telephone numbers, and want to see which number the caller dialled at the point of answering the call.

How dialled number display works

This is a simple feature that takes both the callers telephone number as well as the number that they dialled, and displays both on the screen of the handset.

The first line of the screen will display the caller ID of the caller and the second line of the screen will display the number that they called.


Dialled number display is not compatible with our GROUP ID service, as the GROUP ID is also displayed on the second line of the screen.

Both Dialled number display and Group ID features are compatible with current vivi® branded handsets as well as Gigaset cordless handsets and softphones.


If you simply need to see a telephone number and are happy with this then dialled number display is a good choice, and works well, however GROUP ID is more flexible as it can work in a similar way but display more meaningful information in the form of text names which are more human readable.


This service costs £5 per month with a £25 connection fee


Dialled number display/Reverse Caller ID can be activated directly from the customer portal or by calling customer services free on 100.


About vivi®

vivi® own and operate a cloud based business VoIP network and have been delivering communications solutions since 1996.

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