Custom music on hold with personalised announcements

In this article we discuss the benefits of custom music on hold, and music with on hold messages, and the most effective way to implemented these into your telephone system.

Traditional PBX telephone systems allow limited music on hold.  This is usually in the form of an MOH box that is an attachment to the PBX, which requires a trained installer to fit, and is expensive to buy, and offers limited functionality.  These basically give you a piece of music that constantly loops.  This piece of music can be customised, but it has limited use as it generally only uses 1 channel.

vivi® take a more flexible approach to custom music on hold and advertising messages.  vivi® believe that these should be flexible and affordable, and most of all we want our customers to love their phone systems.  vivi® offer standard music on hold free by default, but if you want to tailor the music or your announcements to your business then its very straightforward and doesn't require any additional hardware or expensive installations.

Music choice

vivi® have licensed a wide selection of Royalty Free music, which is available for our use by our customers.  This includes hundreds of pieces of music of all genres – just ask us for more details.  This means that you do not need to supply your own music, or hunt through the internet to find the right music, potentially infringing licensing laws.

PRS/PPL licences

This is important – you do not require a PRS or PPL licence to use any of our licensed music on hold.  If you would like to supply your own commercial music, then you will require the relevant PRS/PPL licence.  If you are asked to produce a licence by either of these authorities then we are happy to speak to them on your behalf and send them our licenses for inspection.


Default Option

By default, vivi® deliver a standard music on hold channel.  This is present whenever you place someone on hold by pressing the hold key, or whenever you transfer a call and they are put on hold automatically.



Option 1 – Music on hold

Chosen music is played to your customers when you place them on hold by pressing the HOLD button or during a call transfer etc.

Music is played when the customer has selected an option from a menu (replaces the ‘ring ring’ when calling a group of phones)


£5 per month with a £10 set up fee

Option 2 – Music on hold with customised advertising announcements

This offers the same choice of licensed royalty free music options, except you can additionally add customised voice over advertising announcements to further engage with your customers across multiple channels, all offering different music or announcements.  With this option you can also use your own music mixes, subject to the appropriate licensing.

Chosen music (and/or personalised announcements) is played to your customers when you place them on hold by pressing the HOLD button or during a call transfer etc.

Music (and/or personalised announcements) is played when the customer has selected an option from a menu (replaces the ‘ring ring’ when calling a group of phones)

If you have multiple groups (Sales, Accounts etc) then we can personalise a music channel with different announcements for each group so that your caller will hear an announcement that is relevant to their enquiry.

This can also be used to replace the extension 'ring ring' when someone calls an individual phone.

This provides you with an opportunity to:

Cross-sell products and services to existing customers without sounding intrusive.

Announce promotions, sales and offers

Tell callers about new services and educate callers about your business.

Deliver individual messages based upon the group selected (Sales, Accounts etc)


This costs just £5 per month, with a £50 set up fee (reduced to just £25.00 until 1st March 2015).

To Order

Firstly decide on your option.  If you require advertising announcements then you can either record these yourself on your mobile phone and email them to us or send us a script and we can record these for you.

For more information then please speak to customer services by calling vivi® free on 100 from a vivi® phone or 03333 447445 from a landline to add this great new feature to your phone system.

How long will it take?

For basic orders which include simply changing the music channel, these will be normally be done the same working day. More complicated orders which include mixing voice overs with music may take an extra day to produce.

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