Introducing our new flat rate plan

We have just launched our brand new flat rate plan to add to our great choice of Talk Plans.

Our Talk Plans already include some of the best deals in our industry, including unlimited calls for just £15 per month, but we want to ensure that we are always providing the best value to our customers. So, we have now launched our £5 Flat Rate Plan giving you access to extremely cheap call rates at just 0.9p per minute to UK landlines and 5.9p per minute to UK mobiles

This plan has already proved to be very popular amongst our clients with more than 15 extensions as the dependable flat rate doesn't vary with usage or time, so you know that you are always getting the very best rates.

It's ideal if you have some extensions which aren't used as much as others as you know that you just pay for what you use.

As with all of our Talk Plans you can start this rate with a low contract duration of just 12 months and it includes all of of our fantastic services such as;

24/7 free technical support

Detailed activity reporting

Multi-level auto attendant

Call management system

Click to call Outlook integration

Plus much more….

You can discover all of our powerful system features here

So, why don't you have a look at our great value talk plans and decide which one would best suit your business, the link to view them all is here!