Superfast fibre broadband in Powys

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Superfast Fibre optic broadband is coming to Powys

As part of BT's continuing expansion of the fibre optic network, Powys is now beginning to see super fast fibre optic broadband rolled out across the area.

Many parts of Newtown, Llanidloes and Welshpool have now been connected.  This internet connection is mainly in the form of Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC) connections, which mean that you will still require a BT landline to carry your broadband.  Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) is less common (and far more expensive) but also available in these areas as the local exchanges have now been activated to use fibre.

FTTC simply takes the fibre connection from the local BT exchange, to the BT cabinet in your street, leaving your telephone line to carry the broadband the short distance between your building and the cabinet.


There are a great number of business benefits associated with superfast broadband connections, like FTTC.  These include increased speed of processing when using cloud storage and cloud computing like Google documents.

One of the most significant benefits can be gained by switching to cloud based VoIP telephone systems, like those offered by

Cloud based communications, also known as Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) remove many of the traditional restrictions found on BT lines, like only being able to make or receive 1 call at a time per line, and are popular because of the range of additional free services that are delivered as well as wide range of substantial cost benefits.


Superfast fibre broadband in Powys allows average speeds of around 65mb download and 20mb upload.  This is enough bandwidth to carry over 200 virtual VoIP lines, or 200 high quality simultaneous calls without any distortion or loss of quality.  

For more information on virtual VoIP phone lines please see our article on how many virtual VoIP lines your broadband can handle.

VoIP is suitable for businesses of all sizes, and allows a more flexible, low cost alternative to lots of expensive telephone lines and traditional telephone systems.

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To find out more please call vivi® on 01938 880000 and we will be happy to help or advise on your businesses suitability for VoIP.

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