Why choose vivi®?

"vivi's systems are far more technologically advanced than the more traditional phone systems, such as BT. The web portal is an ideal facility for viewing current charges and retrieving billing information. vivi have an excellent record with Three-sixty in solving any support issues, and have an excellent out of hours service."
Andrew Norbury – THREE-SIXTY

"When we received the phones it took us literally minutes to install them. We immediately made a test call to test the line quality and we were amazed – the quality far exceeds our normal landline phone! We have found the customer service to be excellent and very fast to respond to customer enquiries. All in all, an exceptionally good product with great customer service. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend."
Malcolm Dunn – AA 1st Windscreens

"vivi has helped my business by allowing me to base my office anywhere in the world. I can answer calls from my customers if I'm in the office or even in the car. Having an extension on my mobile phone means I can call my office from anywhere in the world for free."
Sam Grunsfeld – Flintstone Flooring

"vivi really do provide an extremely cost effective solution for any type of phone system setup, allowing complete customisation with a vast array of features available – regardless of company size. The ability to downsize and upsize almost instantly ensures we pay only for what we use. As specific and fussy as we are, we are glad we chose vivi among the many alternatives that were tried and tested but couldn’t offer everything. Fortunately, vivi® did just that."
Jack Otton – Racquet Depot

"I would to thank vivi for providing our new phone system. It's helped to connect my team of home workers in a way that was just not possible with my old BT system. I have not only saved over 70{0fd8eeeccd9f1e7f7a4298be8739ae7185bbe77668cc590e15a576197971f390} on costs – we have a much better system and now find we don't need our old call answering service. The online billing system works well and after-sales service has been perfect."
Colin Plested – The Little Safe Company

"From ordering the phones to having them up and running, the process took days as opposed to weeks with traditional landlines.The first dealing I had with vivi was, of course Sales. I have to say, Charlotte has been amazing, nothing is too much trouble! She is fast, efficient and most certainly knows her job very well, making my initial customer experience excellent – knowing I could call back anytime was a great relief. Also the help on hand on the freephone support line is exceptional."
Donna Groves – D3 Couriers

"vivi are the ideal solution for our business. The system that they have put in place works perfectly for us and has been moulded to support our business needs in their entirety! On the rare occasion that there is an issue, they are always on hand to help – whatever the time – and always deal with the problem in a fast and efficient manner. I would recommend vivi® to anyone who is looking for a phone system as they are friendly, helpful, based in the UK and they know exactly what they are talking about! What more could you want?"
Oliver Marfell – Phosters FS Ltd

"vivi has definitely helped our business, allowing multiple extensions, but also the fact that we can remotely access our answerphone
messages straight away means that we have been able to secure bookings for functions, which left unanswered for say, a day under our old BT system we would have lost. We have a simple but effective greeting menu which we can update ourselves weekly for the next home
Richard Bonfield – Newtown Association Football Club

"We have been using vivi for the past 4 years and we have a brilliant experience with them. They have enabled us to work flexibly from a variety of locations which has allowed our business to flourish. We are also able to keep track of our outbound calls and extensions online very simply. We would highly recommend them to any of our customers as they are helpful and friendly and are readily at hand to provide advice or support as necessary."
Darren Kandekore – Kandeshop

"The vivi phone service is great, I can use it wherever I am! I get 3 lines and a geographic number with great flexibility. The online control portal lets you direct calls where and when you want them, its so much more flexible than a hard wired system."

Lee Andrews – BigLee


"vivi's phone system has helped our business to communicate to customers about our opening and closing times, and what services are available during which times. It simply does not compare to a BT system, its totally different. When we have needed help, vivi® are very quick to respond and very patient too."
Claire Lowry – BSL Group

"We use vivi's broadband service and the performance is hugely better than an equivalent consumer offering, its very reliable and just what we needed. There is always someone on hand to help whatever day of the week and any time."
Stephen Rhodes – Imagine IT Support

"vivi has a good team with a very reliable service. Charlotte and the team are very quick in resolving problems and were able to have my phone system up and running within an hour. I would recommend this telephone service to anyone with a small or large business. A*"
Jem Finch – Jem's Computer Repairs

"My new vivi telephone system helped my staff transfer calls simply and easily. No more, hold, mute, dial, extension, transfer, etc.. Just one button .. Excellent! We used to be with BT and be a cog in the wheel. We really get support from vivi."
Jonathan Kozakiewicz – Abacroft Investments

"vivi meet all our requirements that we need to run our call answering business. Any problems we have are dealt with in office hours and out quickly and efficiently. The team at vivi are polite, professional and always happy to help. I would also like to point out that the team understand our requirements that are needed by our company and for that reason I would recommend vivi to any business."
Sam Richards – ProCall Answer

"vivi are friendly, professional, quick to respond to enquiries and most importantly, they really know their business. Being based in the UK they are quick to respond to your needs. I would recommend anyone needing to expand their phone facilities to use vivi®"
James Lewin – Hope Valley Saddlery

"Fantastic product. Any problems are always sorted within minutes. We will never go back to BT. We have saved hundreds of pounds. All my staff find using the system very easy and user friendly. Many thanks."
Neil Calvert – Lynx Support

"We met Alan at a business show in Cardiff and were so impressed by the service vivi offers that when we needed a new telephone system we immediately thought of them. We have not been disappointed. The advice we were given has been invaluable and the system works exactly as we had hoped. The staff at vivi have been so patient in helping us with us our innumerable queries and without their expertise we are sure we would not have been able to expand the call answering side of our business so quickly. We would be more than happy to recommend vivi® to anyone starting up in business, who are looking for a new phone system or just to save money on their telecoms- its great and vivi® made it work when others including BT had failed."
Sheryl Gellatly – Blue West

"Fantastic service, using the standalone phones has been excellent and we can work from anywhere in the country and receive (and make) super clear phone calls. The new divert system has been great too, letting us manage the whole system like diverts and out of office hours remotely. We will never go back to using a landline phone again and on the rare occasion that we have experienced a problem, vivi resolve it within the hour."
Scott Woodhead – Loving Outdoors

"Just wanted to drop you a quick email to say thank you for all your help! People never really stop to say thanks in the IT industry, always quick to complain and reluctant to give anything back to the people that actually do the work and get the job done. I wanted to make sure you know your support is very much appreciated!"
Brian Best – Technical Operations Manager – So Purple Group Ltd