Which router should I use?

We recommend that you use a Draytek Vigor router with our phone systems – these can be purchased from vivi® directly.

vivi® are official partners of Draytek and have vigorously tested them with our systems.

The router that you use makes a big difference to the performance of your system, and whilst many people use a standard BT or Virgin hub or similar, these very often cause issues on the network which reduce the quality in performance of the system.

The problem with domestic (or even some routers that are labelled as business hubs) is that they are simply not very good at routing data accurately, and cannot prioritise voice traffic above data. 

Voice Priority (sometimes referred to as Quality Of Service or QOS) is extremely important when you have voice services on your network.  Without QOS enabled and set up on your network, your router will treat all traffic with the same priority, and you may notice the following issues-

  • Poor voice quality

  • Lost or missing speech

  • Dropped calls

For more information on why you would need to use a quality VoIP Router see this article