What type of broadband connection do I need for VoIP?

It's a common myth that you need a high speed, expensive, cable internet connection for VoIP to work properly. This is not normally the case. Each call placed uses around 90k of upload and download speed on your internet connection, which is actually pretty small.

Typically, any standard broadband internet connection will be fine for VoIP usage. Using a standard connection alongside a Draytek router will allow up to 8 simultaneous calls. Higher quality connections, such as an ADSL2+ with Annexe M will allow up to 26 simultaneous calls.

Fibre optic connections such as Virgin Fibre and BT Infinity are often good enough to use for hundreds of simultaneous calls – for the busiest of businesses!

If you need us to check your current broadband connection then give us a call and we will be happy to find out the best broadband available for your local exchange.