What happens if my broadband fails?

Broadband is very reliable now, but still has its occasional sticky moments! As more and more businesses turn to VoIP to carry their traffic, its worth knowing what to do in the event of failure.

If you do experience any issues with your broadband connection, don't panic.

Loss of internet will stop your handset working, but because our systems handle your calls remotely, and pass them to your handsets as they become available, we can easily send the calls to one of the following:


  • Pass the calls to another department, site, mobile or landline phone number
  • Send the calls to voicemail
  • Take your phones to another location/home and work from there as if you were in the original office

There are lots of advantages to a well planned VoIP system, and we work with you to plan the best solution for your business – and to make sure you never miss an important phone call. You can update the call routing on your system by using our online web portal.

If you are using a Draytek Vigor 2820 router and have 2 internet connections, then we can help you set this up at the outset. In the event of the main internet connection failing, the secondary internet connection (probably used for the PCs) will be used instead, allowing an even higher level of failover. This is recommended for users where uptime is critical.