Network Failover

We own a very diverse network infrastructure that has servers spread across the country in several different locations. This helps us to minimise any possible network disruption.

We take our business very seriously and don't like downtime any more than customers do. Our downtime is rated in the smallest points of a percent – but that doesn't make us complacent. It is important to know about our failover plans and what to expect in the event of an issue.

Firstly, if there is an IT problem, we will normally have time to add an announcement to our Technical Support line.

Because of the way that our network is managed, we can quickly deploy new servers in the event of a server going down. This is an unlikely event, but hardware failures can occur, and we have planned our infrastructure to be resilient and quick to return to normal status.

If we do experience a network issue, then you will normally still be able to call us using your mobile phone. In this case, our technical team will probably not be available for the short time it takes to recover the servers, but other staff will be taking messages.

If for any reason you cannot call us, then we will post a notice on the customer area of our website letting you know what has happened and our recovery times.

In our failover testing, server re-deployment takes around 15 minutes. This is the time it takes to activate and program a standby server and adding into the network.

In this event, you will have to reboot your handsets when service is returned. Any handsets or softphones that are not pointing to our domain and are having to use an IP address (usually because of local network restrictions) will need to be reprogrammed manually.