How many handsets and calls will my internet connection support?

If you are concerned as to how many extensions you are able to have on your phone system without compromising the call quality, then just give us a call.

We will be able to look at your existing upload speeds of your internet connection, and provide you with a guideline of how many simultaneous calls your bandwidth would allow.

If you would like to test this yourself, you can find out your current upload speeds by using the link below:

Speed Test

Your speedtest results will appear something like this-
Ping – 50ms
Download speed – 7.59mb
Upload speed – 0.8mb

Please note that the upload speed is normally the lowest speed shown, and is presented in megabytes.

This will give you an upload speed result shown in MB.

Each call placed or received on our phone systems requires 90K of upload and download speed on your internet connection – which is actually pretty small! In the case above, 0.8mb is actually 800k, so you would get 8 simultaneous calls using this connection.

Typically, any standard broadband internet connection will be fine for VoIP usage. Using a standard connection of up to 8MB, alongside a Draytek router (to allow prioritisation of voice above

data traffic on the network) will normally allow up to 8 simultaneous calls.



Higher quality connections, such as ADSL 2+ and annex M will allow up to 26 simultaneous calls. Fiber optic connections, such as Virgin Fibre and BT infinity are often used for hundreds of simultaneous calls.

Another consideration is the ratio of phones and calls used. From our many years of experience, business customers rarely use more than 60{0fd8eeeccd9f1e7f7a4298be8739ae7185bbe77668cc590e15a576197971f390} of their handsets at the same time, so when planning your bandwidth required, it would be worth to plan around 60{0fd8eeeccd9f1e7f7a4298be8739ae7185bbe77668cc590e15a576197971f390} of the number of handsets used.

This would, for example, mean that a 10 user system would only normally require around 540k or 0.54 upload & download speed.

We always advise you to allow a margin for movement in your bandwidth, of around 10{0fd8eeeccd9f1e7f7a4298be8739ae7185bbe77668cc590e15a576197971f390}-20{0fd8eeeccd9f1e7f7a4298be8739ae7185bbe77668cc590e15a576197971f390}. This helps to compensate for any changes to your internet connection speeds.

Another thing to keep in mind when planning your bandwidth is to plan for the future. It might be wise to plan additional bandwidth in to the equation to allow for expansion of the business.

If, however, you do need to expand but do not believe that you have enough bandwidth, then please speak to our support team by dialling 150 free from your handset, and they will be happy to help you.