How to make sure you never miss a call again

Never miss a call – Missing a business call is no longer an option for any business, regardless of size. If your customer can't get through to you, then they will find a competitor who will be more than happy to take their call.

vivi® phone systems are designed to make it extremely difficult to miss a call ever again! Below are some of the built in features which show you how you can always answer a call – and keep your customers happy.

Auto Attendant & Call Queuing
An auto attendant will greet every caller and either ask them to choose department options, or ask the caller to wait to be connected. This auto attendant is then fed into your pre-defined call groups and a call queue will be activated if all group members are already on a call – this means that no caller will ever hear an engaged tone.

You can even set an option to be played for callers to leave a voicemail whilst held in a queue – this is perfect for callers that hate to wait in queues (which is most of us!) as they can ask to be called back.

Out of hours Service
Auto attendants can also be set up for when your office is closed, so you can either capture all of the callers information via an answerphone system, or you can divert calls to an out of hours call group.

Call Groups
A call group is either a single or group of phones that ring simultaneously. These phones can be extensions of the phone system, mobile phones or other landline numbers. Call groups can be configured to do very clever things to ensure that the call is answered. They can be set to ring a pool of phones, or have a hunt group facility which will call your extension for x amount of rings, then try your mobile or home landline if you don't pick up.

They can be set so that all phones in that group ring- this means that anyone who is free can pick up the call. If no one is free, the phone will simply ring and a voicemail service will cut in.

Voicemail to email
When a voicemail is left on your phone system, you can set it so that an audio file of the recording is emailed directly to you. This means that you don't have to wait until you get back to the office to check if anyone has called. You can listen to them on your smartphone or laptop and call them back sooner.

Call forwarding
If you know that you are going to be away from your phone for a while, you can set a call forward so that all calls to that phone can be directed to another extension, landline or even mobile phone.

Handset Portability
The beauty of a vivi® Phone system is that the phone will work wherever there is an internet connection, so if you plan on moving offices or decide to work from another location, then your phone system will be completely uninterrupted and calls can be received and made as normal.