Quick System Divert

Quick System Divert

A quick and simple way to add an external number such as a mobile or landline number to any call group


  • Quickly divert incoming calls to any number
  • Divert to groups of numbers including mobiles
  • When you no longer need the divert cancel it with a few clicks

Diverting calls

Diverting your inbound calls in a hurry couldn’t be any simpler with vivi. We understand that the unexpected sometimes happens and you maybe unable to get into the office to answer your incoming calls.

In cases like this you can simply go online and set up a quick divert. Here you can divert calls going into selected call groups. You can add any external number here be it a landline or mobile phone.

If you do require a more complex divert system to be set up then this can be done via the system editor, here you can add multiple external numbers, such as a group of mobiles if you need more than one destination point for the divert.