vivi™ Mobile Convergence


The vivi™ voip sim could revolutionise the way mobile phones are used within your business.

Make your business mobile phones a true extension of your telephone system

Does your business use mobile phones?  Businesses that use mobile phones can now benefit from a vivi™ voip sim.

Fixed-Mobile Convergence (FMC)

vivi™ operate a fully integrated FMC network, supplying UK businesses with IP phone solutions from your office phones to mobile phones.

FMC networks seamlessly blend fixed and mobile telecoms, allowing you to pass calls seamlessly between desktop and mobile phones.

vivi™ mobile voip sim cards are able to make and receive calls across the fixed and mobile networks without distinguishing the difference, turning mobile phones in to fully featured telephone system extensions, and offering many of the same services that you have on telephone system extensions.

You can now make and receive calls from your business telephone number using only your mobile phone.

The vivi™ voip sim bridges your telephone system and your mobile phones’ voip sim card.  Theres no need to install any software, just insert the vivi™ voip sim in to any unlocked mobile phone and easily make and receive calls as if you were at your place of work.

The vivi™ voip sim allows you to extend telephone system services like call recording, call transfer, conference and on your mobile phone, and give a more professional impression to your customers by using your company telephone number when dialling out from the mobile phone.  

Lower your costs

Calls between the sim and any other handset on your vivi™ telephone system are FREE, allowing you to considerably lower your communication costs by removing the cost of calling between your office and mobile phones.

The vivi™ voip sim appears on your regular monthly bill as an extension number, along with the rest of your handsets, and calls, SMS and data are billed monthly as normal.  

How does it work?

This is a voip sim card, not software.  This does not require the use of data on your mobile phone and will work when your mobile has no data connection.  

There’s no need to download software or configure anything, you just put the sim into any unlocked mobile phone and start using it straight away.  The voip sim links seamlessly in to the vivi™ VoIP network via the O2 mobile phone network.


  • Outbound caller ID control - display your company (or other) telephone number as your caller ID from the voip sim card - give your mobile phone a local (0203, 0121 etc) or national (0800, 0843 etc) number instead of a mobile number, or use your existing number.

  • Extension dialling - call other extension or groups directly simply by calling the extension number (200, 8601 etc).

  • Call recording - record all inbound and outbound calls on the voip sim card

  • Live billing - view calls made from the voip sim card along with your other extensions in the Live Billing view on the customer portal

  • Remote call monitoring - remotely monitor the mobile calls from another extension

  • Call transfer - transfer calls straight from your mobile phone (using either attended or blind transfer) to another destination.

  • Call conference - create a conference call, add new members and even leave the conference allowing attendees to continue without you.

  • Call hold - place callers on hold and play them either standard or customised on hold announcements whilst on a call on the mobile phone.

  • When someone calls your business number you can make your mobile ring as well as other vivi™ handsets and voip sim cards.

The vivi™ voip sim makes your mobile phone a true extension of your business telephone system, and the perfect choice for any business that uses mobile phones.

Do I need a vivi™ IP telephone system?

If you want to benefit from the wide range of services offered by vivi™, including integrating the voip sim card into a telephone system to enable free calls between extensions, then you will need a vivi™ VoIP phone system to work with your vivi™ voip sim card.  

If you do not currently have a VoIP phone system or have one that is not with vivi™ then call us on 0844 4414444 and we will be happy to discuss the options with you.

If you simply want voip sim cards that call out using your business telephone number, or want to be able to take advantages of our telephone system on a voip sim card then our helpful sales team will be happy to talk to you about setting up an account.