Online System Manager


Manage your phone system online - anywhere, in real time

Our simple to use customer portal provides access to an essential range of enterprise level products and services designed to simplify the running of your communications

The web portal is designed to give full control over both your telephone system as well as delivering a wide range services including call statistics and full remote handset management, giving you one place to control everything to do with your communications.

  • Phone System Editor
  • Live Billing
  • Inbound Call Statistics
  • Outbound Call Statistics
  • Direct debit Setup
  • View & Pay for invoices
  • Manage Call Recordings
  • Setup Quick Diverts
  • Manage Temporary Close
  • Handset Manager
  • Phonebook Manager
  • Speed Dial / Busy Light Manager
  • Voicemail Manager
  • Setup Caller ID's
  • Change Handset Names

System Editor

Here you can manage all of your telephone numbers, extensions, call groups, audio files, announcements and call routing settings

Live Billing

View live billing information and live call statistics per extension. You can also view all historic invoices, make payments or set up a direct debit

Quick Divert

A quick and simple way to add an external number such as a mobile or landline number to any call group

Temporary Close

Close either a single department or your entire phone system in a hurry if needed

Enterprise Phonebook

Our phonebook manager allows you to create and edit and upload phonebook entries that are then shared across all compatible handsets.

Speed Dials

The speed dial/busy light manager allows you to set up and edit speed dials and busy lights across individual compatible handsets

Voicemail Manager

Use the voicemail manager to clear voicemail inboxes for any or all of your handsets

Change handset names

When you have a new member of staff, or a handset is redeployed to a different department then use the change handset names module to quickly and easily change the name of the handset

Caller ID

Manage the telephone number which is displayed when calling out. This can be set on the phone system as a whole or per extension

Manage Call Recordings

Manage, download and listen to all of your recorded calls

Handset Setup

Control all of your phones, update handset names, change handsets and remotely deploy soft phones with zero configuration using our handset setup wizard.

Activate New Services

Add services to your phone system instantly.


Watch video tutorials on how to use our phone system and view FAQ's.