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New range of ‘in call’ features now available

Imagine making a call from your mobile phone and being able to put the recipient on hold and transferring them to a colleague.  

Features like call transfer, conference, hold and more are standard with desktop phones connected to your IP telephone system, however vivi® have now made these available to use on our vivi® Mobile voip sim cards as well as softphones.

No software to download, no wifi or data needed, no additional hardware to purchase.

Our FMC (Fixed-Mobile Convergence) IP network delivers feature rich services via the cloud, allowing a wide array of services to any device connected to our enterprise grade IP telephone network.

What are star services?

Star services, also known as ‘in call DTMF’ services, add services like call transfer, conference and hold to any call, on virtually any hardware that is connected to the vivi® IP network.

How do I use these services?

Star services are initiated by pressing the * key whilst on a call.

Which services are available?

*1 – call transfer (blind) – pressing *1 then the destination telephone number or extension number will immediately transfer the call to the recipient number or extension.

*2 – call transfer (attended) – pressing *2 then the destination telephone number or extension number will put the original caller on hold and create a second call to the destination telephone number.  To complete the transfer you simply end the call.

*3 – Start a conference – pressing *3 then the destination telephone or extension number will create a conference call.

*4 – add recipients to the conference – during a conference call, dialing *4 will allow you to add more recipients by dialing their extension or telephone number.

*7 – pause/resume live call recording – pressing *7 during a call that is being recorded will pause or resume call recording (for compliance regulations), so that you do not record credit card details on the call recording.

*0 – HOLD – pressing *0 during a call will place the caller on hold and play them music on hold, which can be customised with announcements and customised music.

At any time when using these services, you can press the # key to leave the current call and return to the original caller, so if you place someone on hold or are mid transfer, then press # to get them back.  (Under some circumstances the * key can be instead instead of the # key)

Music on hold

Whenever you place someone on hold, either by creating a new call (for a call transfer or conference, or by pressing *0), then the other caller will hear music on hold, which can be customised with services announcements and custom music.

Which phones does this work with?

These services work on a network level, so will work with almost any extension connected to the vivi® network, which includes but is not limited to-


Before the launch of star services, customers using softphones were unable to transfer, conference or hold calls without paying for a premium softphone.  These services are now freely available on the vivi® IP phone network.

How much does this cost?

Star services are immediately available on our network and like many of our services are free to use (except for any call charges for additional transferred calls).

About vivi®

vivi® own and operate a cloud based business VoIP phone network and have been delivering communications solutions since 1996.

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