Live Billing

Live Billing

View live billing information and live call statistics per extension. You can also view all historic invoices, make payments or set up a direct debit


  • View monthly charges for products & services
  • View live call statistics on a per extension basis
  • View overall account usage and remaining free minutes
  • View out of bundle call minutes and charges
  • Download & keep historic invoices
  • Make card payments online
  • Set up a Direct Debit

Real Time Management

Live billing provides real time financial management of your voip phone system. Here you will find all billing information for the current month so far.

You will be able to see your total account minutes summary, including bundle minutes usage and remaining free minutes and out of bundle usage and charges.

Furthermore, you can also drill down usage into extension summary, where you will be able to view bundled & out of bundle call usage. Here you can also view total call spend per extension.

When you click on a specific extension name or number you can see all of the call records for the month to date including time and date of the call, the dialled number, call duration and call cost.

Live billing allows vivi customers a clear and simple way to monitor call spend, staff performance and usage. The data recorded is correct up to the minute so you can accurately view live call records, usage and spend.