Handset setup

Handset setup

Control all of your phones, update handset names, change handsets and remotely deploy soft phones with zero configuration using our handset setup wizard.


  • Change handset name
  • Change handset type
  • Swap a handset
  • Update handset serial number
  • Deploy soft phones instantly with zero configuration

No hassle enterprise management of your handsets

Our handset manager allows you stress free remote control of compatible handsets on your telephone system, saving you the time and hassle of having to log in to individual handsets and changing complicated settings.

Adding new phones to your system? Want to bring your own phones to us?

Use the handset setup manager to set up new handsets, including our own brand and most Yealink and Grandstream phones. If you have purchased your handsets elsewhere or are using your own compatible handsets when moving to us then follow the on screen instructions to make your handset remotely controllable.

Simple setup

Simply select your handset type against each extension and once saved you will be able to view one-time installation instructions for each handset.

This simply involves logging in to the handset interface and setting the server auto provisioning path, and then entering the handsets' MAC address in to the portal, which is normally found on the base of the phone.

Once done you will have full remote control of your handset, including phonebook management (compatible handsets).

Activate soft phones

Soft phones are simple to set up using the handset manager. Simply set the handset type to soft phone and save it, then click on the phone again and follow the on screen instructions.

This will allow you to easily install a soft phone on either a mobile phone, laptop or PC (windows, linux of mac) without needing to enter any details or going through a complicated setup.